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Below: Two large JOLLY GOOD TRAPs,

one open, the other collapsed laying on top.

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Above: Dan's catch after setting his JOLLY GOOD TRAPs  in Quatsino Sound for two hours.

"I have been using JOLLY GOOD TRAPs since they came out.  Ive given all of my other traps away"

-Dan Schindle

​  Jolly Good

Trap Co.

​                          Two traps in one*


A lifelong, passionate sport fishermen who over the years couldn’t find a prawn or crab trap to meet his needs, set out to design the ultimate trap.

The Criteria;
*A singular trap that will fish BOTH prawns OR crabs with equal success.
Highest quality materials.

The Results:
TWO TRAPS IN ONE, just change your rope length (generally 100’ for crab to approximately 300’+ for prawns).
A top quality, space saving, collapsible, stainless steel trap constructed with the finest marine grade materials.
A patented entry design that frustrates prawn and crab escapes.

JOLLY GOOD TRAPs come in two sizes;
Small - ideal for kayaks, sail boats & small tender.
Large - our most popular size.

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Now every day can be a

JOLLY GOOD day on the water.